Permit Patrol

Permit Patrols | a simple way to take back your private parking area


This is the most popular and effective scheme requested by our clients, it can be exercised at various locations that range from commercial buildings to residential blocks.

On many sites, we would recommend controlling parking by the issue of Contractual Breach Charges (CBC) which provides an alternative means of deterrent and parking enforcement. We enforce your parking rules by frequently patrolling your site and issuing CBC accordingly.

By parking and thus ignoring the warning signs the offending motorist has entered into a contractual agreement to pay a parking charge.

CBC’s must be paid within a certain number of days or an increased rate becomes payable.

Ethical Parking Management will provide you with Parking Permits for you to distribute to your bona fide residents, employees or visitors and we will erect all necessary signage. All of our staff are also supplied with personnel CCTV systems that record all incidents for training and safety purposes.

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